Dussehra, also known as “Vijay Dashmi”, marks the day that denotes the winning over of the good over evil. Both good and evil exist within us.

After Ravana was struck by Rama, he asked Lakshmana to stand close to the feet of Ravana before he died. This opened doorway for Lakshmana to learn unknown knowledge and could be the base of a happy life for anyone.

The first point that Ravana mentioned was to always maintain a harmonious relationship with one’s charioteer, cook, guard and his brother. They could cause one, the maximum harm. Charioteer here, means the one that directs one’s life, the one we are dependent on, for a wife it could be the husband and vice versa, for enlightenment seekers it is the Guru. If they remove their protective shield from around us, we become easily accessible to danger.

The next secret was, to never underestimate your opponent. For a spiritual being, the negatives within him are his opponents. These hinder his evolution and bar his divine progress. Negatives like, ego, anger, jealousy, hatred, desire, greed, comparison, fear, attachment, pride, violence, etc., should never be taken lightly. The moment they arise, one should supersede them with more powerful positive vibes or positive affirmations.

The third lesson that Ravana taught Lakshmana was, to respect the one that criticizes us. These people are our well-wishers that remind us of our potential to become better. Only the one who cares, shows his concern by appreciating and condemning us.

The following striking point given out by Ravana was, to respect and accept one’s fate.Fate is the reason we are born with a loving family and fate alone gives us a choice to evolve at every turning point of our life. Fate alone brings us to a Guru, who liberates us.

The fifth point Ravana stressed on was, that one should never be too proud of his achievements or success in life. Success is tagged with ego, which only causes our downfall. One should learn to give the credit to people standing with Him, known or unknown. Spiritually, one is able to evolve only through Guru’s grace, his own pride of doership will take him nowhere. Even the creator does not hold the doership of creating this creation.

The last thing that Ravana mentioned was most useful to get enlightened. When one loves or hates theidea of God or Guru, with his full intensity, that intensity merges him in God or Guru. Like both Meera and Hiranyakashyapu, were bestowed by divine darshan of the omnipresent, they were ended by that energy andthey merged in the same. Our intensity speeds our liberation.

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