Diwali, which as a word is made using “deep” and “avali”, hints us to welcome light of gyana in our perspective. Diwali as a festival comes after Dussehra. Dussehra means, to win over our circumstances or situations. One can relate this to understand, that when we win over our day -to-day circumstances, that is, when we turn spiritual and do not geteasily affected by situations in life, we welcome the light of gyana to stay and dispel the darkness of ignorance. Hence the key is to stay focused on (the light) the gyana, so that the darkness of sorrow disperses.

Like there are a variety of crackers, that we ablaze on this darkest night of the year, there is a variety of gyana, that Guru imparts, that one can apply in their lives, to illuminate their spiritual journey with happiness.

It is prevalent on Diwali, to share sweets and delicacies. This should strike a spiritual aspirant to share only sweet memories that bring joy, to everyone’s life.

Diwali, is celebrated to welcome Goddess Lakshmi along with her prosperity in our lives. To embrace the blessings showered by her, people clean their houses thoroughly and add new accessories to decorate their house. In this process of cleaning, it is commonly observed that people discard things they had gathered over a period of time and no more served the purpose of beautifying the house. But while buying these objects one wasn’t aware that, someday these objects would no longer give them joy.

Similarly, under ignorance, we picked up qualities of lying, hurting, getting angry, belittling others, comparing ourselves, hating others, of getting attached to things and practiced them, hoping they were beautifying our life.

But when we closely observe, these qualities are the ones causing us miseries and need to be discarded. While practicing them, one can never fathom that these qualities are taking away joy from their lives, but upon being realized by a Guru, one should throw them out like some old used set of clothes.

When we clean our hearts and minds from the impressions of these glooming qualities and buy the new aspects of positivity, respect both elderly or young ones, and most importantly love one and all, this itself is prosperity. Then Goddess Laxmi will have no choice but to shower her choicest blessings on us.

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