There are only two eternal realities in this world and nobody (not even God) and under no circumstances that can be changed, avoided, negated or modified. These two eternal realities are DEATH and LIFE.

Reality means that which is permanent and not subject to change. Whoever is born in this world is surely going to die irrespective of whether he is rich or poor, human or animal. Even Gods when they manifested in this world in physical form had to leave this world leaving behind the mortal body, after fulfilling the objective of their manifestation.

Every soul in this world is moving everyday and every moment towards this eternal truth of Death. However much a soul is born with good fate, performed good deeds in the past lives, born under favorable planetary positions and living in a perfect Vastu/Feng shui compliant house yet nobody can save him from the clutches of Death. Fact is that we all are waiting for death and while waiting for this event to take place called death, we are passing time in some way or other. And everybody’s way of passing time is different. Some are passing time making money, others are passing time by earning name and fame, managing family/state or countries or passing time by running behind entertainment and other attractions of life, or studies or giving discourses and performing religious rituals or spiritual practices. Every activity is just for TIME PASS and has no other meaning because whatever we do or achieve by these actions everything will be left behind here in this world itself. Nothing would be carried further except mental impressions.

Through one particular angle everything in this world is without any purpose. A rich man would die one day leaving behind everything here itself in this world as well as a poor man will die leaving behind everything here in this world. A thief, a pious person, a politician or a religious or spiritual master too would leave this world leaving everything behind. So, what they did was some time pass while waiting for their death.

The difference of Time Pass between one person and another is only that some have passed their time happily and others in pain. Some had enjoyed their time pass while others suffered. How we Pass our time solely depends on us. However, the experiences while passing time, has an influence on the second eternal reality of this world and that is LIFE.

Imagine a big, huge airport wherein hundreds of thousands of passengers waiting for their flight. In the process of waiting for the flight they are all passing time in different ways. Some are passing time gossiping, some by eating food, some by shopping, playing video games, getting massage and others by reading, taking naps or strolling up and down in the corridors of the airport. Some are anxious about the flight they are going to experience, some are angry at the fellow passengers dirtying the place and some are happily waiting for the flight arrival/departure. Everybody’s flight has taken off from some place to come to this airport and carry them to their destination. Our flight(death) has also taken off and is in the process of arriving in our life at some point or other and take us to our destination i.e. take the soul to next birth or leave the soul merged with Pure Divine Consciousness in the space.

LIFE is the second eternal reality of this world. Even after death of physical body, life exists. Life exists in two ways. One as Soul and another as Pure Consciousness. In the form of soul, it takes rebirth in another physical body and goes through the worldly experiences (pains and pleasures) once again and as Pure Consciousness it does not take rebirth, remains merged in space with the Universal Divine Consciousness and experiences bliss.

It all depends on us as to what kind of life we want to live while passing time and waiting for death in this world and what kind of life we want to live after death, life of a soul or life of pure consciousness. Each one need to take this decision and move towards that direction.

Living Life will be a different experience altogether.

– Guruji  Sri. Sadguru Rameshji Ji


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