Srisailam Retreat

Poorna Ananda Swamiji

Along with being a Guru Sadguru Rameshji is a living example of how a disciple should be. Living almost three decades of enlightened life, both he and Gurumaa attribute every action and thought to Swamiji – their Guru. Their life is dedicated to glorifying the grace of their Guru and they take all the disciples to Swamiji’s ashram to absorb the bliss engrained in every speck of the hermitage.

Swamiji (as he was fondly called) once jocularly said, “To bless you with happy and prosperous lives, to bless you with marital felicity and many children and grandchildren, to bless you with great wealth, fame and name, or bless you with longevity and worldly success – for such things I did not come.” He meant to clarify that, while a Guru does take care of the temporal needs of his devotees to the extent that is required to elevate their soul into a higher spiritual realm, yet a Guru’s only aim is to spiritually evolve his disciples and elevate them to his level. Sadguru Rameshji takes interested devotees to Sunnipenta Ashram of Swami Poornananda to experience that divinity which became a reason for his enlightenment.

If one has to experience spiritual luxury then it’s in this Ashram, where the mind is unbothered by any thought pertaining to the materialistic world and is pushed towards a higher plane of consciousness. While Swamiji may not be physically present there but the intensity of his vibrational existence in the ashram has the potential to transform a seeker from within and take him to the next level.

Sadguru Ramesh ji elucidates each word of Swamiji as an experience in itself and imparts the same to each soul eager to evolve higher. One gets to witness service in the truest sense in the ashram canteen, where everyone is treated equally and served food with great love and respect. Every disciple of Swamiji eagerly recalls their experience with Swamiji and shares them by describing each of their life incidents, the event lived with Swamiji with utmost bhava. Bhava or feelings is one such language of spirituality that is beyond barriers and is used freely by everyone in the ashram to express their gratitude and grace of their Omnipresent Guru. They say actions are louder than words, but here one learns that bhavana is the loudest.

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