Satsang & Samagam

Satsang is done to lead the wavering mind to the proximity of the ultimate truth. Through Satsang one finds Samadhaan or answers to the mind’s restlessness. The proof of the mind being in Satsang is the intensity of peace felt in it. A regular Satsangi enjoys a mind that lives unaffected by any worry. Once the mind is absolved of all its worries, then it becomes effortless for it to sustain its original state of peace.

 It is said that “Every step towards Satsang yields benefits equivalent to a crore Yagnas.”

And to witness a Satsang in the proximity of a live Guru is an even rarer opportunity.  Sadguru Rameshji’s simplicity with which he puts the mind’s uneasiness into ease and helps in sustaining it can only be experienced in his Satsang.

Like a dip in Ganga, Satsang is one of the greatest purifiers as it frees the mind of its old conditions, past impressions, mental blocks and replaces them with positive thoughts. Do not be surprised if you find your questions, doubts or issues being answered, even if unasked by you. Such is the power of Satsang!

Poorna Ananda Ashram also organizes informal sessions with Guruji and Gurumaa in the form of Samagams. Here one is free to ask as many questions pertaining to any genre or problem. These are highly beneficial, as mostly the question stems from one but answers many. The seeker’s query is not just solved but is treated to the root-cause.

Swamiji had said, “Proximity to Guru is gyana”, and Sadguru Ramesh Ji provides ample opportunities to spiritual seekers to be in his proximity through such Satsangs and Samagams. These opportunities are exceptional and not to be missed.

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