Rishikesh Retreat

Divinity in the lap of nature has its own unique flavor. Retreats in Poorna Ananda, under Sadguru Rameshji’s entourage, are a great combination of spirituality and fun. The day begins with a dose of clarity of who you are through a guided meditation at the serene ghats of Ganga. The evolved state is taken higher by gyana discourse given by both Guruji and Gurumaa. Poorna samadhaan leads to samadhi is the state which the participant gets to experience by asking questions and getting solutions directly from Guruji and Gurumaa.

Fun and food form an integral part of the retreat and Guruji ensures that along with receiving the highest gyana, the participants are pampered with the best food and entertainment throughout the day.

The tone of bliss is taken a notch higher with Ganga Aarti, bhajan and kirtan at the Ganga ghat in the evenings. Entwined with divine dances one enjoys the zenith of bhakti and gyana felt in the ambiance. As the day ends one’s mind is fed with so much positivity that it is only left for wanting more.

These retreats are designed for three days and are capable of evolving a seeker three hundred times than his own expectations.

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