Meditation at Rishikesh

Meditation is a process to cleanse your mind on a daily basis and make it positive and powerful. As we clean our body with a daily bath or clean our house by dusting and sweeping we need to clean our mind with meditation to get rid of unwanted negative thoughts and impressions.

Preparation for Meditation not only requires a proper spot, loose clothing, and light food; but also, good behavior, positive perception, let-go attitude and acceptance for all. The goal of meditation is not to control your thoughts but is to stop letting them control you.


Meditation has tremendous benefits on our mind, lifestyle, health, relationship, and even profession. Improved decision making, amplified positivity, peacefulness, disease-free physical health and long life, improved quality of sleep, reduced levels of negativity, stress, anxiety, fear and anger are few of the many benefits one experiences by practicing meditation regularly. It also helps in addressing serious issues like depression, disappointment, and suicidal tendencies.


Regular meditation as a practice is a must for reaping its optimum benefits. A periodic one-minute meditation prescribed by Sadguru Ramesh ji  is the best possible technique to strengthen the positive aspect of mind.  By practicing this several times a day, we can train the mind to think positively and remain peaceful in everyday life.

This technique can be done between the advertisement breaks on television, in the car at a signal, traffic jams, in office, in washrooms, railway stations, airports, schools, colleges, trains, buses, anywhere and everywhere. The impact of this one-minute practice is immensely effective in breaking the vicious circle of negativity in our mind. After a few times, you will notice that your decision making in office majorly improves, you are able to deal with difficult situations better, for mothers the relationship with the child will be more enjoyable and children will find that their concentration levels have certainly enhanced. No matter the situation, this technique will enrich your experience of life.

For best results, one should practice this meditation 3-4 times a day. This one-minute meditation can be extended for a higher duration if one has the time or is enjoying it. The after-effects are such that the mind continues to remain in the meditative mode after completion of each cycle and cultivates the habit of being consistently peaceful.

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