What goes on within us doesn’t matter to people, what matters is what we put out for people to see. For example, lets glance at the lives of celebrities or specifically, actors. They are as human as anyone else. Waking up in the morning, they could be down with fever, or suffering a muscle pull, having a bad headache or stomach issues, yet on the set or stage, they consistently give their best. And what attracts us towards them is their consistency in their performances. People have no interest in their suffering or lacking, all they want is that they should be entertained consistently.

Hence, it doesn’t matter what is inside you, but what matters is what you project outside you. If you are consistent in good behavior then you attract people’s attention.

Even in our relations, the ones that matter to us are those which have been consistent in providing comfort to us. We don’t go to people with erratic mood swings for solace. Even restaurants that have maintained their consistency in taste over years are preferred. It’s very common that we opt for an old blanket that provides consistent comfort. People prefer going partying to pubs on weekends or otherwise, as after a full fluctuant week that stresses them out, the consistent ambience of these pubs provides comfort to them.

Our heartbeat is consistent in providing us with fresh blood for the entire body. It pumps the blood at regular intervals, in spite of tiny blockages here and there. Because of its consistency, mostly people don’t even realize that they suffer from blockages and that is what makes it valuable. It doesn’t show off, take all the credit or stop pumping, it just pumps blood in however circumstances, and becomes extraordinary.

On the behavioral front, what helps us stand apart from everyone will be our consistency in acceptance. We are expected to be consistent in accepting people and situations consistently, for what they are. This will help us remain consistently peaceful. And when we let others explore life as they want to, it helps them to grow to their maximum potential, making it a win-win situation for all. Consistency is joy of life, Inconsistency is gloom of life.

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