What is Cosmos?

Cosmos is the space around the earth which contains all the vibrations which we human beings have been emanating as our thoughts, imaginations and feelings. It exists around every human being and can be called as the thought bank. Cosmos does not differentiate between positive or negative thoughts. It just stores what it receives. Also it gives what it gets. So we should fill it with good thoughts to attract good thoughts.

What are Negative vibrations and how do they affect us?

Negative Vibrations are Thoughts of Hatred, Enmity, Jealousy, Anger and Violence. Vibrations in the Cosmos have the tendency to influence Human minds and unfortunately, the mind is prone to attracting more of negative vibrations than positive vibrations. These negative vibrations are the main reasons for increase in Depression, Exploitation, Terrorism, Extremism, Heinous Crimes, Barbaric acts and Killing of innocent people.

What is Clean The Cosmos?

Clean the Cosmos is a Worldwide campaign for world peace and harmony. To reinstate Peace, Happiness, Harmony and Brotherhood among human beings we need to clean the cosmos of its negative vibrations and empower it with more of positive vibrations. We can clean the cosmos by emanating vibrations of universal love, peace, forgiveness, compassion and divinity through intense feelings, meditations and prayers.




This is an earnest wish seeking peace, harmony and happiness for each one of us. By chanting or uttering this, we shift our focus from our individual happiness and pray for the Universal good and collective peace. This prayer is also similar to the famous sanskrit sloka Loka Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu which when uttered invokes feelings of kindness, compassion, love and brotherhood amongst fellow beings.


Cosmos is filled with negative vibrations which are the result of the grudges we hold against one another. To put an end to this, let us start asking for forgiveness from all the souls of the Universe, those whom we may have hurt knowingly or unknowingly. Seeking forgiveness relieves cosmos of some negativity, making space for positivity to fit in.



It is said “Forgiving doesn’t make you weak, it sets you free.” To set the Cosmos free of its remaining negativity, forgive all those who might have hurt you and wish for their happiness. By chanting this prayer, let us all celebrate the spirit of forgiveness and liberate our hearts and minds.



The greatest gift we can give others is the gift of unconditional love and acceptance. As we know, one can only gain by giving love. And unconditionally loving would mean infinitely being showered by love. Since people were created to be loved, let us love them and clear all the negativity between us all! While declaring our affection through this prayer, we should feel our inner love being directed



No matter who we are, where we live, what we do and how we define ourselves; the ONE common connection we share and that binds us together is that One SUPREME energy, whom we also call as God. By chanting this prayer, let us strengthen the belief of the world that we all belong to One Family. This will also help us feel the Oneness, and make us accept everyone, including ourselves, as children of One Supreme Divine God.


Knowingly or unknowingly, the negative vibrations emanated by us in the form of thoughts emotions and feelings have accumulated in the cosmos thereby polluting it

Joining other campaigns may require your physical presence physical efforts and contribution in time which is very difficult as we all know.
But for Clean the Cosmos it’s different, we can practice these prayers these affirmations from anywhere at anytime. And how much time do they require?
Not even 20 seconds for each affirmation!

I am already positive. Why do I join this campaign

Our campaign is not about just one or two of us being positive. Its about the collective positivity in the cosmos. Greater number of positive vibrations in the cosmos will do greater good to more number of people


The measure of prayer is to pray without measure. Having said that, it’s not that higher number of prayers will clean the cosmos more quickly, but the intensity, belief, conviction, faith and feelings with which these prayers are uttered, will make them reach the cosmos faster and stronger. More faith and conviction while chanting the prayers will surely give better results.
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Usually in life, we keeping trying for or running behind something until we attain it. We can do the same with our prayers. We can keep practicing, keep chanting and keep repeating them until we are successful in completely decluttering the cosmos of all its dirt and negativity which we had spread in ignorance. And once that takes place, reality will be better than a beautiful dream; by just keeping our cosmos clean.

Like begets like. Also, the tagline of our campaign suggests, what you send that you receive. By sending positive vibes, you are only indicating that you want to receive the same in return. If one persons positive vibes can do a lot of good in his life, collective positive vibes can create wonders for the entire humankind.
Why not opt for the best when we have the power to choose it?! #thatswhypositivevibes

Like before making a request, before seeking any help we make sure that the tone of our voice, our body language suits the occasion. Same way, before chanting these prayers and practicing the affirmations it is important to calm our minds to a certain extent. Once our mind has relaxed it would be very easy to repeat these prayers while enjoying and fully experiencing the feelings of love, bliss, compassion, mercy, harmony and unity which we aim to spread all across the cosmos.

Of course not! Religion, age, spiritual inclination, geographies, education, language, qualifications is no bar at all and neither is there any eligibility criteria required to support and participate in this noble cause.
Anyone, from any corner of the world can join in by practicing our prayers and spreading vibes of love, compassion, harmony and collective peace for all.
Afterall, all that we’re looking for and all that matters is, emanation of positive vibes!

Just like good deeds go into space as vibrations and come back as good fate, same way positive vibes emanated by us go the cosmos and come back as showers of blessings for everyone. As a result, not one nor two individuals, but humanity as a whole is benefitted due to the strong surge of positive vibes. Whatever we give the cosmos, comes back into our lives in great manifolds. Keeping it clean by empowering it with positive vibes will surely reap similar returns for all of us.

Cosmos is the space around us which is invisible to our eyes. Its literally just a thought away!
It is the container of our thoughts feelings and emotions emitted by us, in the form of vibes
Cosmos does not differentiate between positive or negative. It just stores what it receives
Cosmos works like an echo. It gives what it gets.
If we fill it with good thoughts, we attract good thoughts and if we fill it with negativity, the same comes back in our life.

Let us try to answer this question with another question. Usually, why aren’t our closets or desks clean?! Its either because we dont have time to clean them or maybe we dont find them worthy of our attention.
Something similar holds good for the cosmos too. One, we’ve never taken out the time to think about it and two, we don’t really pay much attention to the kind of thoughts, feelings and emotions we carry with us and spread around. Due to this oblivion of ours, the cosmos is unfortunately cluttered with our negative vibes which are polluting it and making it dirty.
Naturalisation of negative vibes by positive one’s will automatically help clean the cosmos.

Like we generate any feeling of love, acceptance, forgiveness, compassion
kindness, harmony etc. When we put the needs of others above our own, that is love. When we accept others the way they are without expecting anything in return, that is unconditional acceptance. When we seek forgiveness from others and become equally forgiving, that is compassion. When we go out of our way to help others, that is kindness.
By praying, declaring your unconditional love, seeking forgiveness, forgiving others, feeling the Oneness, the bliss during meditation we can emanate positive vibrations and charge the atmosphere around us with positivity, thereby empowering the cosmos!

Our thoughts, feelings, emotions and imagination reach the cosmos and stay there as vibrations. More often than not, we do not pay attention to the thoughts that cross our mind, the feelings we feel or the emotions we emanate. Since we get more influenced by negative vibrations and generate likewise feelings and emotions, a bundle of negativity accumulates in the cosmos thereby polluting it.
If one mind can create one bundle, imagine the quantum of garbage floating in the cosmos created by the million minds that reside in the Universe.

What we can do for world peace is pray for, wish for it and work for it. If our negative thoughts and vibes can lead to extreme situations and acts like terrorism, barbarism, crimes etc., then our collective positive thoughts, immensely positive vibes, prayers, group meditations and affirmations can definitely contribute majorly towards world peace and Oneness.

Thinking of world peace and praying for world peace is building world peace.

Predominance of negative vibes in the cosmos is one of the main reasons for the happening of unwanted events. Humans have a tendency to get more influenced by Negative vibrations than by positive ones. As a result of this influence and inclination, humans are more prone to not only attracting negativity towards them, also acting upon it.
To eradicate this from the roots, we need to make the negative vibes in the cosmos disappear. And how do we do that?
By replacing them with positive vibes!

Currently there is an imbalance in the cosmos due to dominating negative vibrations. Once we start replacing them with positive vibes by emanating feelings of universal peace, unconditional love, compassion, forgiveness throught our thoughts prayers and meditation we would be able to reinstate the lost peace, harmony and brotherhood amongst human beings.
Also, positive vibes would outnumber the negative ones thereby minimizing their impact on humans minds.

We all have experienced that if we start our day on a negative note, usually the whole day is filled with anger, irritation etc. Its like a chain reaction is triggered. Similarly, the presence of greater number of either negative or positive vibrations in the cosmos will make our minds more prone to attracting such thought, feelings or vibes and consequently act upon them.

To start with, emanation of positive vibes in the cosmos will slowly start outweighing the negative ones which are currently predominant. This will tilt the balance in favour of universal harmony, happiness and collective peace which we aim for.

It can be done by emanating vibrations of universal love, peace, forgiveness, compassion and divinity through intense feelings, meditation and prayers

Since the negative vibrations presently outweight the positive ones we need to start empowering the Cosmos with immense positivity.
This will help in revival of the lost Peace, Happiness, Harmony, and Brotherhood amongst human beings.

Vibrations in the Cosmos have the tendency to influence Human minds and unfortunately, we are prone to attracting more of negative vibrations than positive vibrations.
The presence of the predominant negative vibrations in the Cosmos has therefore become one of the main reasons for Exploitation, Terrorism, Extremism, Heinous Crimes, Barbarism and Killing of innocent people.

Thoughts of Hatred, Enmity, Jealousy, Anger and Violence, are termed as negative vibrations and these have become predominant in the Cosmos.
Whereas thoughts and feelings of love, compassion, kindness, gratitude, peace, contentment are known as positive vibrations.



You live in me,
yet don’t acknowledge.
Atleast keep me clean,
spare me the negative foliage.
I provide life to you,
and support your existence.
once in a while,
even I need maintenance.
I provide clean oxygen ànd take away the dirt,
but you have been filling me,
with all the negative you can blurt.
I still love you with all that remains,
and all I need is love,
and I will take care of your pains.
I survive on positives,
and breathe all that is sound.
Help me live,
in your hearts and around.


The cosmos is the universe,
where our feelings are dispersed,
to clean the junk of negativity in it,
we have to use our euphoric burst With increase in stress, hatred, terror, cruelty and tension,
There also exists love and hope,
that we forget to mention.
Everything is happening with thoughts of our own,
Our negative ones only make us mourn.
Just replacing them with the loving ones,
will heal the world in tons and tons.
Let us do positive affirmations to clean the cosmos,
By seeking happiness and peace for all the souls of the Universe,
Forgiving all and asking for forgiveness,
Declaring your unconditional love towards And feeling the Oneness by accepting all as children of One God All its negativity and burden will go for a toss.


I am around you,
you know or not.
I am cosmos your mind connects with me through a thought.
I carried breeze of freshness and ideas of fun we have shared all mischief while you were a little son.
As you grew unaware your mind filled me with sadness and anger and guilt and jealousy and madness You carry your frustration,
and irritation with you.
I’ve been trying to suggest let’s get rid of this flu.
Then we will enjoy like we used to in your childhood days,
You’ve just grown in size,
but are the same in a lot of ways.
You still need comfort and peace and love.
And you aren’t interested in negatives on your way to evolve.
your imagination still flies like a cute naughty baby you want to be happiest always,
not maybe.
If that’s what you want just fill me with forgiveness,
compassion and gratitude I will take care of everything and everyone’s attitude.
I will guard you with newness and will refresh your life Just clean me,
please and only happiness will thrive!!