Usually, we see ourselves referring to two entities Chitt and Mann differently. The truth being, both are the same and neither exist tangibly. We have classified the kind of thoughts into two kinds and labelled them broadly. One emotional as Chitt and the other Intellectual as Mind.

In actuality,it’s just the Mind in one piece but divided as Conscious Mind (Mann) and sub-Conscious Mind (Chitt).Conscious Mind emanates thoughts based on the images imprinted on Sub-Conscious Mind. When we do not act on a thought, as intellectually weighing they don’t fall in our favor, the mind then blackmails us with emotions of other images which are unfavorable to us. Mind’s job is to get a thought and make us act upon it irrespective of whether it is good or not so good for us.Mind is the supplier of thoughts.We have the free will to act upon them or not.

Everything that we have construed to believe is true in life, is because we have followed a certain pattern of thoughts using our freewill. Free will is channeling the kind of thoughts we like to come to us through Mind. It’s the training program or the updating software for mind to know, what we would like to attract in our life. It’s the navigation system that we can use to turn our mind in a certain direction of thoughts. The beauty of this free will is that, we change its course at any given time, according to what we want in our life.

Apart from the thoughts, there is an inner voice or gut feeling (pure emotions) that guides us to do what suits us the most or is actually in our favor, irrespective of whether or not the mind supports it. This is our Atma. Atma tries to train our mind to see the actual good in everything, which is not necessarily favorable to the Mind. When one navigates the mind, in the direction pointed by the voice of Atma, one is deemed as spiritual.

The Mind, free will and Atma are intangible entities yet drive our life. This goes on to proof that there is something beyond the tangible and visible that is waiting to reveal itself, if only one uses the freewill to reach there.

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