“Charity begins at home”, was framed to mean, that one should take care of one’s family and other people, who live close to him before helping people who are living further away or in another country. In other words, it is about being good to the ones close to us before we bother about how people who are not so important, feel about us. More so, it is about prioritizing the people that matter in our life and their wants, before the ones who don’t so much.

On that day that devotee happened to be the only visitor. It was well passed breakfast time and he had already been sitting near Swamiji’ssimhasana for more than 5 hours now. Finally, Swamiji came at around 10:30 A.M. He was as debonair as ever and with His charming litheness He paced towards his simhasana. As He sat in it, a playful gleam danced in His eyes.Swamiji crisply uttered these words before the devotee could even say anything, much to the latter’s astonishment: “One mustn’t think that Brahmamuhurtha is something that occurs only in the wee hours of dawn. Whenever one sees Brahman, that moment itself is the Brahmamuhurtha.”

Actually, socially being sweet and nice is the easiest, as that lasts only a few hours. But how we treat our family and colleagues in everyday life decides who we really are. We ignorantly assume, that once we meet the expectations of our kin and well-wishers, their expectations might keep building. So, we make it a challenge in our own mind to make them happy, that results in disappointing them andin us remaining unhappy. The truth being, that it is the easiest to make our loved ones feel loved. All they expect from us is, to be basically good to them. Being polite and courteous, sums it up. Loving our family, is actually more like cushioning ourselves with love. And once we do that, we actually will find that the comfort we give, echoes back with interest from them, filling us with happiness and content.

Charity, means to be compassionate, to be able to love someone and not expect anything in return. It means to notice a need for love and give it. And the most love is needed in keeping a family together. And family is the most wonderful thing. In spite of being aware of all our flaws, it is the only one that takes us in. The love and respect we exhibit socially, may or may not help us getting happier, but the same love when invested in family, guarantees returns in ways unimaginable.

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