Excerpt from life of an Enlightened saint,Sadguru Poornananda (Swamiji)

On one occasion, a devotee who had known Swamiji for many years, read in some books, about the efficacy of having the Guru’s darsan during Brahmamuratha, particularly on auspicious days.So he set out to Sundipenta seeking the same. He somehow managed to slip into the inner yard of the ashram in the early hours of morning around 4 AM. Usually, at this time visitors ae not allowed to enter the inner quarters. The devotee’s plan was to catch a glimpse of Swamiji during His morning walk. He sat in the verandah and waited expectantly. But to his disappointment, on that day, Swamiji did not come out for his daily walk. As the devotee waited on, to his growing disappointment, Swamiji did not come out even for the regular darsan at 9:30A.M.

On that day that devotee happened to be the only visitor. It was well passed breakfast time and he had already been sitting near Swamiji’ssimhasana for more than 5 hours now. Finally, Swamiji came at around 10:30 A.M. He was as debonair as ever and with His charming litheness He paced towards his simhasana. As He sat in it, a playful gleam danced in His eyes.Swamiji crisply uttered these words before the devotee could even say anything, much to the latter’s astonishment: “One mustn’t think that Brahmamuhurtha is something that occurs only in the wee hours of dawn. Whenever one sees Brahman, that moment itself is the Brahmamuhurtha.”

When Guru himself is infinitely great, greater than the Brahmamuhuratha itself, any moment that is beheld to get a glimpse of Him is equally great. The Guru, who is verily the Brahman itself, cannot be conditioned by muhurutha or Kaala. He is the creator of Kaala and muhurtha. Therefore to avail the darsan of Guru, when it is convenient to Him and not us, is really the attitude one needs to cultivate.

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