Feelings, Emotions and Bhavana are all same.But Bhavana is more used in spiritual context and that too in positive aspect. Bhavana is more used in the context of bhakti, shraddha, faith, trust, love, oneness, pure feeling which is beyond intellect and understanding. In fact, Bhavana is the mother (source) of intellect.

This whole creation has emanated from Bhavana only and would merge back in Bhavana.Hence Bhakti Bhavana is truly an enlightened state. Just knowledge of Brahman or Consciousness without Bhakti Bhavana is not a spiritual state but is a mental egoistic state. Bhakti Bhavana even without Brahman knowledge is an Enlightened spiritual state and is giver of Mukti or liberation.

We have misused Bhavana for selfish interests by emanating it through ego, hatred, jealousy and worldly desires. If this bhavana is redirected towards divinity we would lead a heavier, peaceful and blissful life.

Some tips to increase bhavana (good feelings and love):

1. Spend some time in the midst of nature by watching the sky, sunrise, sunset or stars in the night.

2. Touch flowers and feel their softness and karuna in giving fragrance without any expectations.

3. Help a needy, poor in a way that brings smile on his face.

4. Pray for universal happiness through the prayer “LokaSamasthaSukhinoBhavantu”. During the prayer feel that your vibrations of prayer are touching everyone’s heart and every soul in the world is smiling.

5. Feed an animal or a bird and see how God hidden inside it is feeling happy and enjoying the feed and blessing you in return.

6. Offer gratitude to your parents, spouse, colleagues, friends etc. for their contribution in making your life a beautiful experience.

Trying these will trigger the feel good factor or Bhavana in our lives, which is what we yearn for.The more we dwell in Bhavana, the more beautiful this life will seem, which is nothing but Bliss.

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