Wisdom Tetter

Alphonso, Kesar, Dasheri,Totapuri, Chausa, Badami, Himayat, Neelam, Raspuri, Amrapali, Paheri, Rumani, Banganpalli and the list of mangoes goes on! While the varieties of mangoes are numerous, one thing all mangoes have in common is that they are inherently so full of their juice and pulp that the trees they are laden on, almost bend to touch the ground to offer themselves to the receivers.

This striking aspect about mangoes and the mango trees teaches us that we should be so full of love and in fact overflow with it to such an extent that we effortlessly bend before others and offer ourselves to them. Like the mangoes are filled with juice, nutrition, pulp and healthy vitamins we are also filled with compassion, forgiveness, acceptance, empathy and understanding. The more we keep these virtues within ourselves the more they would decay and turn into ego. But the more we put our virtues into practice, the more we forgive, accept, let go and bend; the more will we be loved and like our favourite mangoes – naturally become the most favourite of not just one or two, but of all.

Sadguru Ramesh ji

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