Everyone carries mental conditions unknowingly. Conditions are thoughts gathered and practiced over a period of time, that we ignorantly stick toand assume they will help us remain happy. Like we think : speaking in a higher or sharp tone will always make people take us seriously; or are pretty specific about what, how and when we eat, or understand bhakti only through a specific action; or as a devotee expect our Guru to always notice us; or take for granted that we could always do better than the others; or adhere to “I am always right” attitude; or expect others to always fall in line with us;or by always opposing others, are some of the conditions we are practicing every day.


In this course of sticking to these thoughts, we make the people around us unhappy. These conditions then block the flow of permanent happiness in our lives. As, actual happiness can only be felt when everyone is happy.


Which means that the sole purpose of remaining happy cannot be achieved by gluing to the conditions in our mind. But by dropping these conditions and flowing with the flow of what happens around us, can certainly help us remain happy. Flowing with the flow, is more like taking everything that happens around us in a positive stride. It is to know and understand that whatever happens in our life, is the best that can happen at that moment.


“Flowing with the flow” can happen, when every action of ours, only adds on to the happiness of the other person or situation.When we are keen on keeping others happy, we let go of every thought that stops us from doing so. And while we are busy keeping the other person happy,by: being open to paying heed to their thoughts; or by supporting their thoughts and actions with our own thoughts; or by appreciating them;or by acknowledging the other person’s positive aspects; or by recognizing the contribution of the ones around us in making us comfortable; orby changing our tone of commanding to that of requesting; by exhibiting patience. This makes the other person happy and they unknowingly emanate positive vibes for us in abundance.


Hence, by giving comfort we are welcoming a comfortable life. And when we make someone happy by letting go our conditions, we welcome conditionless happiness in our lives.

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