Astrology is the ancient science to study the visible celestial objects, especially the Sun, Moon, stars and planets for their pattern of motions and their influence on earth. There is no predictive astrology in Vedas but as time passed people started using this science for predicting future.Perhaps the most important criticism of the scientific viability of astrology are the empirical studies which have found that astrological predictions are no better than random chance. The study proved that not more than 50% astrological predictions come true and as per the law of probabilities 50% predictions can come true even when there is no basis to predict. Divorce rates do not correlate with astrological compatibility. Sun signs do not show a greater chance of following one career path over another.

Planets and Stars do not have so much influence on human beings that they can decide our fate. If astrology is the sole decider of our fate then our efforts (Purushartha), deeds (karma), blessings, curses, negativity and others negative vibrations have no role to play.

Do not allow objects to influence your life. You are the all powerful influential being in this creation and you are the creator of your own destiny. Perform good deeds, be positive, love everybody, believe in the higher divine self, meditate regularly then even Rahu-Ketu or shani cannot interfere in your peace and cannot do anything wrong to you.

–  Sri. Sadguru Rameshji Ji


I was a staunch believer in astrology and all my actions were based on the advices of astrologers. For every problem I used to find solution through astrology. After attending your workshops and understanding it as a science I have developed belief in myself as being the creator of my own destiny. I am out of the clutches of astrologers and I find things are much better off now. The power of my thought also has improved after practicing meditation that everything which happens in my life I can co-relate it with my own thoughts, emotions and imaginations. I have no hesitation is saying that I was a weak person and hence was trapped into astrology. Now I have full faith in myself and developed strong conviction that it is we and we alone who are responsible for our lives and life situations.


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