Our next birth gets decided based on the intense and predominant last thought of ours at the time of death. And the last thought generally is that, with which, one is excessively attached to or felt enmity or feared the most i.e. based on attachments and aversions.

Most of the people desire to remember God at the time of their death but they remain ignorant of the fact that they cannot do so unless they had remembered him all along their life with fairly good intensity and faith. Childhood is spent in ignorance, youth/middle age in lust then how one can remember God during old age and at the time of death. Secondly, as no one knows when the death would strike, waiting for old age to remember God isn’t foolish.

Lord Krishna has said in the holy scripture Gita that the last thought of a person would be based on his attitude and behavior, which he has practiced during his life time. If one has lived a life fully engrossed in the world with all kinds of emotions attached to it such as pains and pleasures, hatred, jealousy, revenge etc then accordingly will be his last thought. He cannot remember God at the end.

Once, two disciples came to Lord Buddha and one of them while complaining about the other person asked Lord, don’t you think this man will be born as a Dog in his next birth When Lord Buddha asked as to why he thinks so, the disciple replied saying that this man is too much attached to his dog. He goes to walk with his dog, sleeps with his dog and plays with the dog. Lord said that this man may be born as dog but you will surely be born as dog in your next birth as more than him, it is you who thinks of his dog.

Just like the camera film catches an image at the time of the click of the camera, certain images gets clicked in the mind of the soul at the time of death based on his attachments and aversions. These very images are caught hold off by the soul, who comes out of the body along with the life force. A suitable physical body which can take the soul to those places and people matching with these images attracts that life force and through food and water that soul gets impregnated in that body.

If one is in the remembrance of God at all times, even while performing ones worldly duties without fear or attachment, then whatever time death strikes, there is no worry. One will leave the body peacefully and merge with the supreme divine being. Secondly remembering God at all times helps one remain relaxed and connected to the higher consciousness (as God is the highest and purest level of consciousness) thus attracting good things and happiness in life while one is still alive. Thus remaining established in the remembrance of God at all times is a profitable proposition, not only from spiritual point of view but even from worldly point of view. God could be remembered through any name or form or formless as Divine Energy, Atman, Brahman or Pure Consciousness.

– Guruji  Sri. Sadguru Rameshji Ji


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