Knowingly or unknowingly we had committed many mistakes, done many wrong actions in our life and acted and reacted negatively in many situations. We must have even hurt others’ feelings on many occasions. Because of such uncontrolled attitude and behaviour we attract many adverse situations in life which are inevitable.

Having realised our mistakes we could manage our adversities by:

(1) Accepting them smilingly

(2) Ensuring that we do not make similar mistakes in future

(3) Being positive all the time in all situations.

Physically we may be in a situation where everything falls against us, but if we choose to not feel the adversity, then we are deemed to have turned spiritual.

This way

(1) The result of our past misdeed is also met,

(2) Since we do not let the adversity influence us internally, we nullify our old karma

(3) Remaining peaceful lets us not form any new karmas.

Therefore, the situation is not important, important is how we feel towards it.

We do not remember the thousands of karmas that we have performed in all our births, and we do not know what they bring as results. Since we can’t stop the arrival of the adverse situations, we can choose to feel the way we like in them.

Hence the saying: Adversity is inevitable, but suffering is our choice. When we chose to not suffer in any situation, no matter what the situation is, then we liberate our self from the vicious cycle of suffering.

We should be vigilant of the situation but not get affected by them internally. We can physically run away from the situations, but mentally we are still influenced by them.Turning spiritual is being in the situation, without letting it dictate how we feel.

Problem is not in the nature of the problem, but in our nature of dealing with the problem. Instead of trying to make a futile attempt to change the situation on the outside, we should try a successful attempt in changing the situation within.

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