We enjoy our life in favorable times, but we get to know who we really are when adversities hit us. Adversity materializes in our life, for us to get done with our past karmas, hence one should actually celebrate them.Since our karmas are of different kinds, the adverse situations also come in a variety. They appear to test- our knowledge, the virtues we practice, anger or patience and our belief in a superior power. Adversities are unavoidable in anyone’s life, be it Guru or disciple, how they look at it marks the difference.

The thumb rule to overcome our unfavorable situations is to understand that we are being tested by our Guru. Accepting them and attributing them to our belief (Guru or God), creates a layer of protection around us and makes it easier for us to deal with them.

When seen in retrospect, one can analyze that these hardships or even happy times, are temporary in nature. All events, be it disputes in a family, buying a new car, loss in business, striking a jackpot,health issues, birth of a baby, all come and go as phases and help us evolve. To be aware of the adversity also as a passing phase, reduces its effects on us. Hence one should treat both, favorable and unfavorable situations equally. Giving special attention to the misfortunes in our life helps them sustain for a longer period.

Every adversity has a reason. If there is an effect, there has to be a cause. One should try and look for the reason and ask for forgiveness (kshamayaachna) for the same. If incase the reason remains unknown, one could ask for forgives from the entire creation, including themselves. This makes us vigilant of our behavior in future. Another way of overcoming our adversities, is to visualize a peaceful exit from the situation. Remaining calm and positive, plays a huge role in visualizing a better future.

Adversities are inevitable, but suffering is our choice.

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