Order Allow,Deny Deny from all Order Allow,Deny Deny from all Order Allow,Deny Deny from all Order Allow,Deny Deny from all YOU ARE A TOURIST IN THIS WORLD – REMAIN AS A TOURIST – Poorna Ananda

You have been sent to this world as a tourist to look around, appreciate and enjoy the creation. Unfortunately, you developed an attachment with your companions (co-travelers) and possessiveness for the objects of the world. This ignorance has bound you to the world and caused all the pains, sorrows and miseries. When on a holiday you go to see Palaces, monuments, museums to witness the great work done by its creators, get amazed the way things were built, appreciate them, imagine the way kings lived and the gold ornaments are worn by them and enjoy. But in the process, if you start getting jealous and feel to possess the objects then you lose your happiness and become sorrowful. A feeling of insufficiency develops. The seed for misery gets sown. And this is what ignorantly happened to most of the people in this world.

You have been sent, as a tourist, to this world to enjoy, appreciate and go back to your destination but ignorantly you have decided to stay here permanently. You have developed an attachment with people and possessiveness for material objects and are thus suffering. Live life like a tourist, enjoy the creation, appreciate the work of the creator (both good and bad aspects of the world) and remain happy all the time.

– Sri. Sadguru Ramesh Ji


Witnessing without attachment and reaction has changed my life. Nowadays I do not react to other’s actions even though I do not like them. I just try to consciously witness their actions as if watching a movie and appreciate the director (God) for directing the actor so well and making everything look real. This witnessing helps me remain cool. I find that even others have stopped nagging me when I remain non- reactive. It’s a great technique to overcome the miseries of life. In fact, I have started realizing that I was unnecessarily reacting to every situation and creating problems for my self.


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    Amazing article titled “YOU ARE A TOURIST IN THIS WORLD – REMAIN AS A TOURIST”. Thanks for the same!!

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