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5 Qualities of Unhappy and Unsuccessful People

Even though human beings are bestowed with tremendous amount of potential powers within them and availability of all those things in this world which can make them happy, yet it is found that most of the people are unhappy and unsuccessful.

There are broadly 5 important qualities of unsuccessful and unhappy people, because of which they are not able to lead a satisfactory life and enjoy happiness.

1. They are always in a complain mode: These people are never happy with anything they have got and with what is happening around them. They always complain for everything which is happening around them. If it rains, they complain about the rain and when the sun shines, they complain for the harsh sun shine. When they fail in something, they complain about others non co-operation and when they fall sick they complaint about bad food, pollution, contaminated water, cloudy weather disturbing sound in the neighborhood etc.

2. They act before they think: These people act impulsively and later on regret for their actions. They do not think about the pros and cons of their actions/decisions and when they fail or face obstructions they repent their decisions.

3. They talk more and listen less: These people have the habit of talking too much and not listening to others. They do not realize that when we talk, we talk based on what is known to us but when we listen to others, we may listen to something new which we were not aware. Since they do not listen to others their growth comes to a standstill and because of their excessive talking habit, others keep a distance with them.

4. They live in the past: These people have the habit of living in the past. They remember painful past incidents of their life a lot and in the process miss the enjoyment of present. They perceive everything which is happening in their life based on past experience thus, unconsciously, creating more and more painful situations in the present.

5. They give up easily: These people easily get disappointed and depressed. They have no strength to face failures and lose self confidence at the drop of a hat. Their patience limit is too low and they are negative about their future. They do not realize that Patience and Perseverance is the key to success.




 Sri. Sadguru Rameshji Ji

(enlightened soul)

80% of Life's suffering is imaginary

Date : 08 Feb 2010


Life's 80% suffering is imaginary as in most of the cases either stress, tension or anxiety is created in advance of a situation or a painful situation is not easily forgotten and one continues to suffer mentally for extra long time. These two factors constitute more than 80% of our suffering."Boss will fire me someday", "Things may not work out as expected", "Husband will scold me for the dent in the car", "I may fail in my exams", "I will not be able to reach my targets", "I will miss my flight", "There may be traffic jam on the highway" etc are the kind of painful thoughts mind emanates even before a situation arises and makes us suffer.

You have small altercation with your spouse who forgets about it after 30 minutes but you cannot forget for 3 days, you fail in achieving your targets and feel depressed for the next whole month even though you receive appreciation for your hard work, you remained upset for 2 days for missing your flight, after attending to your interview you doubt about it's positive outcome and remain anxious etc. are some of the impressions mind is not able to forget easily thus making you suffer even though the event has passed and you can do nothing about it.

80% of life's situations may not be in your control hence suffering by thinking about them in advance or suffering by not letting the mind forget about them is precariously dangerous for life happiness. In fact creating such painful impressions in the mind weakens your efficiency, productivity and decision making. It also has the power to recreate similar situations in future hence we must to get rid of this habit. Consciously work on these aspects for 15 days and you will find you are more at peace and your mind would have got reprogrammed for happiness rather than for suffering.

- Guru Sri. Sadguru Ramesh Ji 



About Death

 Date : 18 Dec 2007


Death is inevitable and comes without notice.....everybody is aware of it but how many are prepared for a royal and peaceful death? What remains alive after death is our mind. According to the impressions on our sub-conscious mind we suffer or enjoy in the next birth and during the intervening period between death and rebirth. Do we know what the state of our mind is? Will our mind be fearless, peaceful and devoid of negative impressions when we die? Check and be true to yourself. Make suitable changes, if required.- 
 Sri. Sadguru Rameshji Ji


'I used to be always in some fear and much worried of death but after I changed my attitude towards people and life and learnt the art of keeping myself cool and calm in all the situations I feel I am more prepared to face any situation in life including death.'

  Question and Answers

Q:What happens after death? A: The soul leaves the physical body after death and remains in space until it gets another body based on its deeds in the past births or based on the predominant impressions at the time of death in the immediate past. While the soul is in space until it gets another body it remains in a state of dream and depending on the good, bad, pleasant and unpleasant impressions it is carrying it enjoys and suffers in that state. This is what is called as experiences of hell and heaven. The dreams are long when soul does not have a physical body because it is not able to wake up and hence dreams which are frightening and scary can really make the soul suffer endlessly.


Adversity - A test of life

Date : 29 Nov 2008


Life tests us on regular basis (like monthly, quarterly, yearly tests- in schools/colleges) to check our mental and spiritual state. When everything is congenial and fine in life, we may feel ourselves to be mentally strong and spiritually evolved. However, adverse situations in life are our actual tests. Only if we pass in these tests by remaining calm, undisturbed and fearless we can possess the right frame of mind and spiritually evolved state. Adversity in life could be in the form of financial losses, major disease, loss of job, strained relationship or death of a near and dear. When we get disturbed, our suffering elongates and when we remain calm, it becomes a touch and go situation. Always be prepared for life tests and emerge successfully.-  Sri. Sadguru Rameshji Ji


Whenever I used to encounter problems in my business and personal life I used rush to astrologers and vastu experts for guidance. Sometimes problems would get solved and some other times they used to aggravate also. Life was mixture of anxiety, fear and negativity. Now as I have become more and more positive and meditating regularly my anxieties have considerably reduced. Though life continues to be what it used to be but I am much stronger in facing the problems and sorting them out on my own. In fact as I have started accepting things as they are, I find that problems are no problems. I have experienced that when hurdles or problems come in life, they come for some good reason and as they find entry in life they also find an exit, provided we allow it to exit.Sudhakar

  Question and Answers

Q:Even when we sincerely follow spiritual path with full devotion and faith yet why should we face adversity in life?A:
Following spiritual path is not a blanket ticket for smooth sailing in life. It's not an assurance from God that no untoward incident will take place in life. Whatever situation arises in life, arises because of our own Karma (past actions) and we may have to suffer the result of these karmas. The difference between an ordinary person and spiritually evolved person is not in not having adverse or unfavorable situations in life but in how one reacts to these situations. Situations in life may or may not change by following spiritual path but our situational reactions certainly changes. One evolves to an equilibrium state and reacts positively even in an adverse situation. One definitely becomes stronger in dealing with unfavorable situations.

Adversity in life has been faced even by Gods such as Rama, the Buddha, Jesus Christ and highly evolved saints such as Ramakrishna Paramhamsa, Ramana Maharshi etc.



Affirmations - a natural way to change Attitude:

Thought for contemplation:


Affirmations - a natural way to change Attitude:


We have one mind but it has two parts, the conscious and the sub conscious, often likened to an iceberg. The tip of the iceberg, that which is above the water represents our conscious mind, and that which is underneath the water, the far greater part, is our sub conscious mind.


The conscious mind can be understood as the logical, reasoning, analytical part of the mind. The conscious part of the mind is only 10% of total mind and the rest 90% is the sub conscious mind which consist of our hidden potential powers.


The sub conscious does not think logical and is the store house of all our potential powers. Based on the signals received from conscious mind by way of thoughts, imaginations and feelings sub conscious mind invokes its powers to manifest those signals into reality, even if they are contrary to logic and our own well-being.


Affirmation is one of the best ways to communication between conscious and sub conscious mind. Any thought or statement, consciously or unconsciously, repeated in the conscious mind becomes Affirmations. Through Affirmations strong signals are sent to sub conscious mind indicating a desire for a particular situation or event or a thing to be created.


80% of our Affirmations are made unconsciously and are negative in nature. They are also not with an intention to create a negative situation but as sub conscious mind does not understand what is right and what is wrong or what is desired and what is not desired, it invokes its potential powers to bring the Affirmation manifest into reality.


Some of the unconscious negative Affirmations are:

















Most of the negative situations which get created in life are based on such negative affirmations. If these Affirmations are stopped and replaced with positive Affirmations then positive situations gets created in life, be it related to money, memory, decision making, attracting right kind of people, improving will power or any other situation which is helpful to us. Some of the positive Affirmations which could be practiced are:


     I CAN DO IT














Through such positive affirmations we can use the potential powers of our sub conscious mind to our advantage and rewrite our destiny based on what we want and not based on what we do not want.


Guru  Sri. Sadguru Rameshji Ji


Date : 19 June 2008


Anger is the reflection of your inner disturbance, irritation, impatience, instability and expectations and has little to do with others inefficiency, misbehaviour and incapability. Frequent anger has no impact on others but occasional tough talk (without losing on inner balance) may have the desired affect. Anger is not a solution but is a problem in itself. Anger disturbs the electro magnetic field around you and forces others to emanate negative vibes against you causing more damage. Learn to enjoy anger free life.- Shri Ramesh Jain


I used to get very angry on every small issue at the drop of a hat and used to always feel that it's the people who provoke me by their misbehaviour. After realizing the repercussions of my anger on my life I have become more calm and peaceful. I have also realized that even though every second person in this world may provoke you but to get provoked or not is our option. Nowadays I do not lose my anger so easily and this has even helped me improve my relationship with my family and colleagues. Life is definitely better and joyful.

  Question and Answers

Q:How to control anger? A: Several techniques to control anger are in vogue and some of the popular ones are;
(1) Count 10 before you get angry
(2) Drink cold water whenever you get angry
(3) Consciously pause for 2 minutes before getting angry
(4) Smile and then get angry
(5) Pray to God before getting angry
(6) Take six slow and deep breath before getting angry
(7) Practice sheetali pranayama
(8) Check your blood pressure whenever you get angry
(9) Question yourself if it is O.K if you don't get angry
(10) Know that every time you get angry you are creating ripples in the energy field around youI do not know if you will be able to follow any of these techniques because if you can follow then you are person with full control over yourself and such person in any case does not require any technique to control anger. Many people use anger as a weapon.
Keep humility as your armour and experience protection.

Don't complain about others,
change yourself if you want peace


Are you like a cow or snake?

Date : 22 Feb 2010


Cows eat grass and produce milk and Snakes drink milk and produce poison. What are you like?A person is compared to a cow when he is highly tolerant, calm, non-violent and loving. He is a person who always thinks good of others, no matter how badly he is treated. From within him, only good words, prayers, blessings flow; like milk flows from a cow and that is why cow is perceived as mother in India and worshipped with great reverence.

On the other hand, whatever a snake eats or drinks (including milk), it gets converted to poison. Some people could be equated to a snake. No matter how well they are treated, they emit poison by way of negative thoughts, unruly behavior, revengeful actions, feelings and expressions. They always look for opportunities to belittle/insult others, even to those who have helped them and been good to them.

Everybody fears snakes but not cows. Even when a snake is seen in dreams, many treat it as a bad omen. Whereas the cow is always seen as good omen.

Check yourself what kind of a person you are; like a cow or like a snake and make corrections if required.

- Guru  Sri. Sadguru Rameshji Ji



Are your possessions really yours

Date : 04 Oct 2010


Everything which we possess today was possessed by somebody else yesterday and will be possessed by others tomorrow and somebody else day after tomorrow. - Lord Krishna

Everything which we possess today (Money, house, car, jewellery, property etc) were possessed by somebody else in the past. When we did not possess them, somebody else possessed which means they got transferred to us. We might have either earned it or inherited it or bought it or won it in lottery but yet the fact remains that they were possessed by somebody else and in the present we possess them. The question here is not whether we acquired them legally or illegally but the question here is whether these possessions will remain with us permanently? Will they not go somebody else tomorrow, the way they came to us. If not by any other means, for sure after our death.

The land on which our house is built belonged to somebody else before our house was constructed and may be after 100 years would belong to somebody else with another house built over it. There would be no trace of our ownership after some years. Is it not our ignorance that the house in which we live is felt to be ours, the wealth which we own today is felt to be ours? Are we not getting attached to something which is of temporary nature?

Our physical body is not permanently ours as we will leave it here after our death. Our parents were not our parents in earlier births nor will remain our parents in future births. Similar is the case with our children, spouse, relatives and friends. ?

Even our thoughts which emanate from our mind are not ours. They have been received from other people and since our mind liked them, it possessed them.? We change our thought pattern too when we grow in age or become matured or get influenced by others thoughts (of more intelligent, successful or spiritual people). Our thoughts would get possessed by somebody else and we would possess somebody else?s thoughts. Transfer of thoughts too is taking place from one person to another.

Everything in this creation is passing through from person to another, from one hand to another and from one place to another. Nothing stays permanently with one person, in one hand and at one place. Everything is in a trans migratory state be it wealth, property, relationship or physical body. Feeling permanent ownership for anything in this creation is foolish and out of ignorance.

We can at the most ?feel custodianship of all that which we possess. A custodian is never attached to anything, has no ego of ownership, is not happy with increase in possessions nor is sad by their decrease. He knows pretty well that all that which he possesses belongs to somebody else.

So, feel to be a custodian of everything which you possess be it your house, wealth, car, jewellery, parents, children, physical body or your thoughts. The laws of creation do not permit anything to remain permanently with anybody not even with Gods who descended or manifested in physical form. Even they had to leave their possessions behind in this world. They were never attached to anything in this world and hence did not return back to the world, they became God.

- Guruji 
 Sri. Sadguru Rameshji Ji


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